Thomas (dark_angel1112) wrote in philophilesanon,

Uniforms in Schools

Ok, so in our society, it seems as though the nation is attempting to standardize everything from tests to interstate speed limits, and although they're failing at the speed limits, there is one thing I would like to know: Do or don't you support standardizing clothing in schools? What I mean by this question is do you think that all schools should have uniforms? They ban alot of clothing choices at some schools, limiting self-expression through individuality.

Do you believe that schools should require specific uniforms? And if schools should, should society as a whole require one, even as an adult, to wear specific uniforms befitting their class, income, job, or education? In America, it is said that we are the most independent people on Earth and, legally speaking, we appear to be, but do we trap ourselves by what society deems 'normal'?

You don't have to address this prompt in its entirety, but it might help.
Tags: conformity, individuality, school, society, uniformity
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