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Uniforms in Schools

Ok, so in our society, it seems as though the nation is attempting to standardize everything from tests to interstate speed limits, and although they're failing at the speed limits, there is one thing I would like to know: Do or don't you support standardizing clothing in schools? What I mean by this question is do you think that all schools should have uniforms? They ban alot of clothing choices at some schools, limiting self-expression through individuality.

Do you believe that schools should require specific uniforms? And if schools should, should society as a whole require one, even as an adult, to wear specific uniforms befitting their class, income, job, or education? In America, it is said that we are the most independent people on Earth and, legally speaking, we appear to be, but do we trap ourselves by what society deems 'normal'?

You don't have to address this prompt in its entirety, but it might help.
Tags: conformity, individuality, school, society, uniformity
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Hmmm that is an awkward subject since everbody will agree that there needs to be more control by the faculty yet they don't want to limit the childrens freedom of expression. The military uses uniforms for the sole purpose of creating equality for everyone. In schools there is usually the same effect. Catholic school students have higher testing scores, because nobody is worried about how they look compared to others. As far as adults wearing uniforms in a civilian life well that's very controlling and very "1984".
Schools maybe, adults definitely not
I think that you proved my point exactly: you're generalizing. Statistically speaking, yes, Catholic school students commonly have higher test scores, but have you ever thought that they also have a more challenging regimen in their courses? I've seen their homework before, and they do. It's not that I couldn't do the work, but I'm lazy. Everyone still worries about how they look, just not about what they wear. They compensate with other "beauty" ideals.

And to comment on your point, if you think that Catholic students do better in school because nobody is worried about how they look compared to others, then why not wear them in civilian life? Wouldn't it make people more productive, by that logic? Isn't the world becoming more like 1984 every day?

Personally, I think I express myself well enough any day I feel like, and I can still make good standardized test scores, but that doesn't mean I know what I've answered so thoroughly. It means that I believe what I've been told, and how are we to learn if we don't question authority? So does this make Catholic students in your example more knowledgable or just more naive? It's an awkward situation isn't it?

The military makes everyone uniform also to defeat the individual. If you're in war, you are part of the military, a team, and they don't want you to be separate beings in a situation where you must work together with people. They want you to think of the same strategies, not new ones. Tried and true, they think. They also do that so that you won't have to worry about cladding yourself in camouflaged clothing without their help. They take the individual out of you at work, so who's to say that they shouldn't in other professions?

Personally, I think that if they wish to treat we, high schoolers, as adults, they should let us dress as we wish to. If they don't believe that we are mature enough to handle situations on our own, then why do they think adults any more capable?
Hmmmm, I'm lazy too. If I were in highschool then I don't think I would want to wear a uniform...
Nobody wants to wear a uniform, but I didn't ask whether anyone would like it, I asked whether anyone saw the logic in making everything uniform, not clothes alone.


October 29 2007, 17:24:10 UTC 10 years ago

i don't like uniforms, there yucky!