Thomas (dark_angel1112) wrote in philophilesanon,

Money or morals?

In a country where it would appear that money is everything, and where people "vote with their pocketbooks", have we become fully dependent on money? Almost everything seems decided by income anymore - what school you go to, what house you live in, what cars you can afford, what friends you can make - and less so on morality. Most moral people are shunned for being a "goody-good", a "rat", or a "goody-two-shoes" and are treated as though honesty and moral awareness are not good things.

Does this mean that the economic ascent of a country also tends to mean that the country's morality level will descend? What do you think would happen if all money was abolished? Answer either or both of these question, if you please.
Tags: money, morality, social hierarchy, society
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